Monday, May 5, 2014

Mason Jar Madness {PGCB #55}

Happy Monday!  Its my turn to host a Challenge over at PGCB. I'm so excited to be sharing a Challenge with you.  As summer approaches, I get anxious to bring out the mason jars for a bit of mason jar madness.  We have several neighbors who have lemon trees.  We juice up those aromatic lemons for some fresh lemonade.  There is just something about the way lemonade tastes when its homemade and served in a mason jar.

Today’s challenge is Mason Jar Madness.  I saw this photo on the internet probably a year or so ago and just loved the idea of creating a fun summer lighting for our back porch.  

Here’s the photo inspiration (I wish I could remember where this came from!):
And here’s what I created:
Here's another photo to help show you what I did to create these decorative outdoor lights:

I used pint sized regular-mouth mason jars and then wrapped 18 gauge floral wire around the neck of the jar (about 18" long).  If you look closely, you will see that I made a loop on opposite sides of the jar.  To hang the jars, I used another piece of the wire and cut it in half then used needle-nose pliers to create smaller loops and hung it over the line I hung between pillars on the porch.  I used white Christmas lights and just stuffed lights into each jar and wound the lights around my line.  VERY EASY!!!

And then I also worked on a Mother’s Day gift.  I embellished a mason jar and stuffed it full of cute ribbons for a new mom in my neighborhood.  
So the challenge is to create something with mason jars.  Our DT created some amazing projects.  Be sure to link up your project and we’ll send out a snazzy prize for you!

Take care!


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Leslie Germain said...

LOVE the mason jar lights! SO fun!!