Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Selfie or Two {SWAT Drill #33}

Today's challenge at S.W.A.T. is to create a layout or other wonderful artwork that uses a "Selfie" picture.

I really do not like to take my picture or to have anyone else take my picture so that is one of those projects that I've been thinking about and procrastinating.  Finally, I settled on the fact that I really do need to create a page about myself and I'm going to add a bit to it - personalize it with some of my thoughts about myself - but that's for my eyes and written on a pull out tag:

Here are a few fun facts that I would love to share with you:
1.  I have not watched television at all in 12 1/2 years - yes, we own a TV but we only watch movies occasionally that are checked out from the public library.
2.  I really like my glasses.  I've worn contacts before - but I really like the way that glasses frame my face.
3.  I do not color my hair.  What you see is what you get.  Proverbs 16:31 - look it up and you will see another reason why I don't color my hair.
4.  I love vintage "stuff" - we have two working rotary dial phones in our house.  I love how they sound when ringing.
5.  There are lots of things that I wish were different about my looks - but I have to be content with who I am.  I have a husband who enjoys watching me when I stir the gravy.  My kids know that they are to blame for the shape my body has taken since their births.
6.  I am a wife, mother, teacher, and a friend to many.
7.  I love to volunteer my time, talents, and energy for others.
8.  I still sew and make things from scratch.
9.  I love my family more than anything in this world.
10.  I love My Savior more than anything in all of life.

Have a great day and I really do hope that you are inspired to create a layout that focuses on you.

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KarenB said...

Beautiful layout. I loved reading a little more about you :)