Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hey ... What's New? {Where did you go?}

Ok, so let's just say that its been a realllllly looooong time since I last posted on my blog (yes - I know, last post was August 2014).  I've got my reasons!  Just like many of you out there - life has come at me fast and furious which means that my craftiness has been left in the dust a bit.  Have I been crafting, you ask?  Well sure!  But just not in the same manner as I had been the past couple of years while on the most amazing design teams.  Sure - I still stalk the aisles at scrapbook stores (we don't have a LSS any longer) and I still create cards, altered art and pages - I just have not been sharing as much as I should have been.

Since my last post, which sadly was also my last design team posting, I have been in the throws of teaching English Language Arts to 7th and 8th graders.  I have a full load of class and no prep time - which turns into grading papers until the wee hours of the night at home instead of during my prep period at school.  We’ve adopted new curriculum and I have to learn how to use that along with a new state assessment.

We made it through our second year of marching band, capturing 6th in the state (insert a great deal of disappointment!) and sent our son off to Chicago for the Midwest International Music Clinic in December.

The same said son has now turned 16 - taken driver’s education - and earned his driver’s license.  This event takes on a whole new perspective in parenting and I really cannot concentrate on being creative while I’m worried about the other drivers out there!

Spring break is approaching fast and that will bring my mom out for a visit.  Hopefully there will be some crafty time in there!  I have promised our daughter that I will do a craft table at the school spring fling in April. 

That about does it - you should be up to speed and know that my need to craft is building like a tsunami ready to unleash its power on the shoreline.

How about your self?  Have you been crafting?  Have the tsunami waves been building up in you?  Has life been fast and furious?  Love to hear from you!

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