Friday, February 3, 2012


Its Friday and I am really thrilled to be here!!!  (At FRIDAY that is!!) - its been a great week of crafting, learning, snuggling with the kids and just being around my family.  We are planning on heading out to the Glendale Chocolate Affair and then William has a birthday party on Sat.  He is taking two of his friends to see a movie with dad.  Its a GUY thing!  That's cool - then Victoria and I can have some GIRLY time - which I totally treasure, too!

Last night, Victoria and I were busy working on her Valentine's for her class.  We saw heart-shaped crayons in one of my scrapbook magazines and that was it - we HAD to make them.  Gotta say - they are very fun to create and we had a blast peeling crayons, chopping them up and then baking them.  (posting a photo later today).

And - we were able to chat with my sister about stamps and other fun stuff.  What a fantastic day!

SuperBowl Sunday is quickly approaching and as a family, we break our No-TV watching streak for just that one day - to share in a tradition of having a SuperBowl party - complete with little smokies!

Well.....gotta run as the sun is just starting to peek out over the horizon and I want to get a short run in.

Have a FANTASTIC day

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