Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friends - Friends and more Friends!

I am requesting all of you prayer warriors to keep a couple of my friends in your thoughts and paryers:

1.  Patricia's daughter is in the hospital and the doctors are not sure what is wrong:  MRI and 1st Spinal Tap did not reveal any answers - please pray that they will continue to diagnose her daughter's ailments and find a course of action to cure her.  Also pray that the rest of the family has rest and comfort in God's love that their daughter will be healed.

2.  MaryJo is still facing pain and dizziness - she's been fighting this for over a year and is finally being taken off of meds but the symptoms are still there.  She's a courageous Christian who has lost 70 pounds in the process of her own healing.  She is still relying on prayer and could really use yours.  Please pray that she will be healed 100% and that she will continue on her journey toward a very close relationship with God.

Thank you - it means a great deal to me personally if you would pray for my friends.

On to other news:  One of my scrappin gal pals is applying to be on a design team - pretty darn exciting, right?  RIGHT!  I would really encourage you to follow her blog and help her to get that DT - she's very talented!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday and stay safe if you are in the Mid-west where there is a massively destructive storm brewing (my family is from this area and I'm a bit concerned for them as well).  Take care and there's more craftiness to come!

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