Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paint on a Layout {Practical Scrappers}

Do you ever have those layouts or cards that you just have to step back and admire?  I hate to admit it - but this is one of those layouts.  I immediately had to send a photo of this to my sister and one of my dear scrappy gal pals because I was just amazed at what I had created.

To create this layout, I began with a bit of gesso that I spread on with a paintbrush and then smoothed out in some areas with a piece of card stock.  Once it was dry, I placed the photograph onto the layout and sketched with pencil around it to extend the photograph.  After removing the photograph, I inked my outlines and then began adding layer after layer of misting ink with a paintbrush - just uncap the bottle and be careful - 

I hope that you are inspired by this layout to create something similar or even more amazing!!

Have a Scrappy-Happy Day!


Amber Sheaves said...

Deborah! This is amazing. Amazing!! Pinning it now :)

WhiteRacoon said...

Very cool! I love this technique of picture extending and have used it a few times myself. It's very inspiring. Good job!