Monday, July 21, 2014

Backyard Camping 1974 {PGCG Challenge #60}

Happy Monday Morning!!!

I love the challenge at Paper Girls Challenge Blog this morning.  It is simply "OLD" - and Kristina has told us to interpret old any way we wish.  AWESOME!!!  My husband turned 50 this summer - so I started to think a layout all focused on my honey would be cool.  He doesn't feel 50 or old and since I'm only a year younger - I have to agree.  Then I was looking through some OLD photos from my childhood.  I kept staring at this photo of the little tent sent up in the backyard - it has to be from around 1974 - when I was 9 years old.

My dad encouraged us kids to use our imagination and to stay outside and play as long as the street lights did not come on - then we had to head home (quickly)!  My mom also encouraged our creativity with crafts, sewing and cooking.   I'm very thankful that both of my parents wanted us kids to be outside, think on our own, and learn how to be independent.

We moved on from the tent to a pop-up trailer to a pull-behind trailer and then from their we were grown.  Dad and Mom still have a trailer or pop-up trailer - and my family still goes camping.  As soon as both kids were out of diapers - we hit the National Forest Parks for many nights of tent camping.  

I absolutely hope that you enjoy looking through some OLD photos and join us at Paper Girls Challenge Blog - be sure to share your story behind the photo and tell us how old those photos really are.

Have a scrappy-happy day!

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