Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Garnet Series

I've been toying around with the idea of creating a blog to talk about the Little Things that I find interesting and that I Scrap about.  So - after much deliberation I've finally taken the risk and I'm praying that I will keep up with this blog.  I belong to several different online scrapping groups and I really love them all.  They ladies I'v met are inspirational and I have to say great friends.

Here's just a sampling of what I've been working on:

This is from Scrapbook Steals Mid Weed Mojo Garnet #6 (see the sketch below).  Scrappin the Little Things is sometimes difficult because there are so many wonderful patterns of paper, ribbons, embelishments, IDEAS, etc. that I find it extremely helpful to use sketches as a springboard.  

One of the areas I need to work on is what do to write when Journaling.  I'm not always feeling clever or creative (and I think it shows!).  Anyway ... I really love Scrappin the Little Things and look forward to each day with my camera and sketch book in hand.

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