Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Its Happened ... sigh.

Well, "it" truly happened yesterday, I have now joined the ranks of moms-with-teens.  My boy turned 13 yesterday and we really did have a fun day!  He goes to school on the same campus where I teach so this of course, turns into a golden opportunity for mom.  His first hour teacher tweaked his ear and wished him a happy birthday - then his last hour teacher had the class sing happy birthday.  All along the way there were other surprises, McD's for lunch, a Dunkin Donut on the way to school, and just loving on him all day!

We capped the night off with dinner at Babbo's before he headed out the door for Teen Book Club at the public library.  Yes - he wanted to go and said he had been planning on it for some time.  Love my boy!  er...um... TEEN???

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