Sunday, January 29, 2012

A weekend at the Johnson house:

After getting a rather lavish grab bag from Lisa

And then making a few cards to get started on the Valentine rush:

I reorganized my little nook in the house where I do scrappin of the little things:

While the littlest little is napping near my feet:

After lunch, Dad and daughter work on her pinewood derby car for AWANA:

As the older little enjoys creating with his newest Lego set:
(Thanks Aunt Brenda!!!)

And finally, back into the crafting "nook" to create gifts for Valentine's Day.  This is a pull-tab soup can that I've cut the bottom off, cleaned and then decorated.

Now I'll fill it with goodies and glue the bottom back on so that the recipient will pull the pull-tab on the top to reveal the goodies:

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