Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hostess Gift

I found this great hostess gift out there on the web someplace or maybe it was a magazine - either way - I cannot remember where I found this to give due credit.

This is a very simple project to make and the materials can be as varied as your imagination will allow.  I used several different paper lines but you can certainly use Lush from My Mind's Eye.  You will also need:
    soup or vegetable can with pull top
    can opener
    tape runner
    glue gun
    crinkle cut shred tissue paper filler
    fun goodies to put into the container

Steps to create:
1.  Using the can opener, cut the BOTTOM of the soup/vegetable can off, drain contents and wash the can.

2.  Cut decorative patterned paper 4" x 9". This will be used to cover the can.  I also cut a second piece that is 4" x 3" as a sort of label for the finished product.

3.  Using tape runner, adhere the label to the main piece of paper.  Then add on your embellishments.  Be certain to let any glue dry prior to adhering to the can.

4.  Using tape runner, adhere the embellished cover to the can.

5.  Begin heating up that glue gun!

6.  Turning the can upside down, place your goodies into the can and then add your tissue paper shreds.

7.  Secure the bottom of the can with hot glue.

8.  You are ready to go!