Thursday, July 19, 2012

Counting Down

There she is, my sweet girl - she's a crafty one allright!  She decided during her quiet time on Wednesday to do a bit of crafting and very quietly, she went into the crafting room and "borrowed" some papers, washi tape and other odds and ends.

Victoria wanted to create a countdown paper chain for the start of school.  I thought that this was just far too adorable!  She was busy in her room for a couple of hours and then came out with the chain looking at all of the walls in the house for a most suitable place to hang it.

Without a doubt, she's crafty, cute and all mine!  I just LOVE her!


Charity Becker said...

well isn't she just a doll!!! Have you created a washi tape monster?

Deborah Johnson said...

Seems that she really does love the washi tape - I bought a couple more rolls - those I will have to hide from her!