Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafting on Vacation

While we were in Colorado, I actually had a couple of hours between hiking and tent camping to put together two layouts.  The kids were also crafting - they did a water color painting and we ALL took over a thousand photos (that's crafting, too, right?).

Feast your eyes on the creativity!

Layout I created to celebrate Jeff's birthday

its a 2-pager!!

Watercolor that both of the kids worked on together while at Jersey Jim's Lookout Tower.

Amazingly crafty husband's photo of the Tower.

More crafty photography from the husband.

All three of my favorite crafty people working together to put together a puzzle.

Our family vacations are always so very memorable.  Jeff always asks the kids what their friends do on vacation and then the kids realize just how fortunate that they are - we have amazing experiences together.

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Charity Becker said...

Great Job on the two pager and LOVE that photo of the tower!!!