Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tucker {S.W.A.T. Drill #15: Stamp, Stitch, Spray}

This is our family dog, Tucker.  We adopted him from a rescue shelter when he was "8 months to two years" old - according to the staff there.  More like 8 months thank you very much!  He's been an amazing addition to our family - he's small enough for both of the kids to walk him yet fierce enough to protect our home from those nasty free-range cats in our neighborhood.

Tucker is a true terrier (we think of his breed as more terror than terrier) because he learns quickly, he loves to play, and he's a crafter.  Yes, I have a dog who can craft.  He will take a roll of toilet paper and do the most amazing crafts with it - all over the house - so bonus! - interior decorator is added to his list of accomplishments.

Drill #15 at S.W.A.T. is to create a card, layout or other project where you Stamp, Stitch (either faux, machine or hand) and use Spray Mists.  I did just that!  I stamped the paw prints all over the layout, hand-stitched through his name to anchor those letters and then I used spray mists to create the blue droplets throughout.  I also added a smear of gesso to help those paw prints and to make it a bit messy - noticed the paper that he did chew up for me while working on this layout?

One last thing - look closely at the photo - there's a sign behind him that says "Stay for the Fun" - this is true!  He's fun and silly and I'm glad that he's ours.
Have a scrappy happy day and don't forget to link up your projects to S.W.A.T. so that we can drool (ahem) all over your creations!


Christine said...

Love this Deborah!

Digi Darla said...

Such a cute dog and lovely card Deborah!



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